ACE Manifest for U.S. (CBP)

A stress-free way to send, track and trace your ACE e-Manifests.

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What is most important to your company when it comes to managing your e-Manifests? Saving time, saving money, or access to world class support?

How about all of those things?

Our user-friendly web-based solution will cut down the time you spend entering Manifests. Commonly used data such as shipper's addresses, truck, trailer and driver profiles only need to be entered once and they're saved in the system indefinitely.

Our affordable plans all include free set up and training. All software plans begin with a free 30 day trial. We even have a free plan for growing companies.

eManifest specialists are standing by 24/7. Calls are often answered on the first ring so you won't get stuck in an automated phone system.

It's time to make the switch, and save.

BorderConnect ACE eManifest
  Click here for CBP ACE Manifest requirements for highway carriers.