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Get Trained, And Stay Compliant

Just getting started or looking to become a bonded carrier? BorderConnect will help you navigate through the complicated world of international logistics and make sure you stay compliant. Our consulting service can train and register your company for FAST, C-TPAT, PIP, and CSA certifications. Workshops and seminars are also provided to help highway carriers stay on top of current customs initiatives.

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BorderConnect Training and Compliance

Fight Penalties, And Save Money

If you were to receive a fine from U.S. or Canadian Customs, would you know how to challenge it? BorderConnect consultants can often reduce or even eliminate your penalties altogether and help you take preventative measures to make sure it doesn't happen again.

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BorderConnect Audits

Detailed Audits To Protect Your Company

Let BorderConnect put your operation to the test and make sure you're protected from the liabilities of a customs audit, CSA, PIP, and C-TPAT security validations. Because it's not a matter of will you be audited, but when. Our consultants will go through every step and maintain an exact replica of a customs audit to make sure your company passes the real thing.

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All Your Cross-Border Printing Needs From One Place

From PARS and PAPS barcodes to certified customs documents such as A8A forms, CSA lead sheets, and In-Transit forms. BorderPrint will cover all of your printing needs and make sure you have the right documents to meet customs requirements.

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To download customs forms for CBP and CBSA click here.